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Sacramento Car Accident Common Causes

There are several common causes of car accidents in Sacramento, including mobile phone use and not paying attention to traffic signs. In fact, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States.

Sacramento car accident common causes are much like the accident causes throughout the rest of the nation. However, they may be handled differently than they are in other states because not all current state laws include limits on cell phone use and other activities that can cause a car accident.

Accident Causes and Criminal Offenses

Specific procedures are in place to handle certain types of accidents and to clear the roadway as quickly as possible. From the moment the accident takes place, it puts everyone involved in danger, including those who are about to pass through the scene in their own vehicle, often unaware that an accident is ahead.

Because of the dangers that some accidents represent, people who are involved in these types of accidents often face criminal offenses. For instance, those who are found to be intoxicated will get medical treatment, but they may also end up in jail after the accident.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is any kind of driving that occurs while the driver has his or her focus on something other than the most important task at hand—driving the vehicle. It can involve other people, the weather, cell phones, and just about any other form of distraction.

Distracted driving often results in disobeying traffic signals, leaving the lane, and speeding. All of these things commonly lead to accidents.

Because there are currently new laws and measures in place to decrease the occurrence of distracted driving, it’s important that you seek legal counsel if you are involved in this type of accident. You shouldn’t have to deal with the consequences alone, especially if your accident was caused by someone who was texting while driving or distracted in some other way.

Disobeying Sacramento Traffic Laws and Signals

Traffic laws and signals are in place for a reason. They exist to keep people safe on the road and should be followed and obeyed accordingly. When traffic laws and signals are followed and there are no environmental factors that would cause an accident, car accidents are less likely to happen.

However, many people try to rush through a yellow light before it changes, cut someone off when changing lanes, or drive over the speed limit. Most of these things involve being more focused on the destination than the details of getting there without harming other drivers on the road.

Drinking and Driving

Although over the years there have been numerous measures intended to decrease the occurrence of drinking and driving, it is still a common cause of car accidents in the Sacramento area. When drivers choose to drive under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, they not only face stiff penalties, but they can also be held responsible for causing injuries and even fatalities.


Another common cause of car accidents is speeding. Although this is often considered a crime that doesn’t hurt anyone, it does lead to severe injuries. When drivers speed, they decrease their chances of being able to stop when they need to or react in time, and in many cases, they are also too distracted to drive safely.

Road Rage and Aggressive Driving

Accidents involving drivers who are experiencing road rage or exhibiting aggressive driving can be scary and complicated accidents. This type of accident occurs when someone becomes so angry that they purposefully cause an accident, or they are intentionally driving aggressively and placing other drivers at risk.

These accidents can also be frightening because you will most likely have to deal with the angry driver after the accident and during the future legal proceedings.

Call a Sacramento Car Accident Attorney

Knowing Sacramento car accident common causes helps professionals determine the reason behind a car accident based on physical evidence rather than opinion. This information is important when trying to assign fault and liability in car accident cases.

As you can see from the different causes of car accidents, many of these are entirely preventable and occur simply because of someone else’s negligence. If you have been in a car accident that was someone else’s fault, you could be entitled to financial compensation.

However, getting you the compensation you need and deserve requires the assistance of the qualified and knowledgeable attorneys at Crowell Law Offices. Don’t risk being held responsible for expenses and damages that weren’t your fault. Instead, call us at 916-303-2800 and secure the sound legal advice you’ll need for a successful conclusion to your case.

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