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Sacramento Car Accident Common Types

From T-bone vehicle collisions to hit-and-run accidents, there are a number of different types of car accidents that occur in Sacramento. Although drivers can take some extra precautions to avoid car accidents, they are still at the mercy of other drivers who aren’t always as safe. In fact, many of the most common types of car accidents are completely avoidable and occur because of someone else’s negligence.

Some of the most common types of car accidents in Sacramento are described below.

Rear-End Accidents

Drivers who ignore traffic laws concerning proper following distance and speeding cause accidents every day. When you cannot stop fast enough to prevent yourself from hitting the rear end of the car in front of you, a rear-end accident happens. Rear-end accidents can cause a broad range of injuries, from minor damage to fatalities, especially if the lead car is pushed into traffic and hits other cars.

T-Bone and Front-End Collision

T-bones and front-end collisions have something in common: They are both the result of the front-end of one car hitting another.

In a T-bone car accident, the front end hits the side of a car. In a front-end collision, the front end of a car hits the front end of another car. Both of these types of car accidents can lead to severe injuries, especially if high speeds are involved.


A sideswipe accident occurs when one side of a car hits the side of another car. It is almost always the result of the offending car leaving its lane and entering another lane, hitting a car that was already there in the process.

This type of accident can push cars into others, leading to multiple-vehicle accidents and injuries. Sideswipe accidents often occur when one person is distracted or not paying attention to the lane he or she is driving in.

Rollover Accident

A rollover occurs when a car actually physically rolls over. This happens when a car becomes unbalanced by the force of another vehicle striking it hard enough to flip it over. Rollovers can result in extremely serious injuries to the head, neck, spinal cord, and brain because of the impact involved.

Hit-and-Run Accidents

Some of the most frustrating types of car accidents are hit-and-run accidents and those that happen in parking lots. Not only do you have to deal with the injuries and damages, but you also have to track down the person responsible for the accident. However, this doesn’t mean your situation is hopeless. You may still be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages.

Shoulder Drop-Off Accidents

This type of accident may not even involve another vehicle. If you are injured in a shoulder drop-off accident, there could be another entity that is responsible, however. Whether it’s a government entity or private company contracted for road maintenance, you could be entitled to compensation if you are injured in a shoulder drop-off accident.

Multiple-Vehicle Accidents

Any car accident that involves multiple cars has the potential to cause mass confusion. In multiple-vehicle accidents, there could be more than one driver responsible for the accident as well as more injuries and damages. Even what started as a single-car accident can end up leading to a multiple-vehicle accident if a driver is pushed into traffic or some other element is involved.

Intersection Car Crashes

Car crashes at intersections are also common in the Sacramento area. When one driver isn’t paying attention or is distracted and hits another car at an intersection, any drivers involved can experience serious injuries and damages. These types of accidents often involve multiple vehicles as well.

Experienced Sacramento Car Accident Lawyers

These Sacramento car accident common types are not the only types of accidents that take place, but they are the types you are most likely to encounter. As you can see, most of the accidents can be prevented by simply paying attention and obeying traffic laws. However, even if you follow all safety precautions when driving, you can still end up in an accident because of another driver.

No matter the type of car accident, if you or a loved one has been in a car accident in the Sacramento area because of someone else’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. The lawyers at Crowell Law Offices can help, so call us at 916-303-2800 and retain the services of a qualified attorney today.

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