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Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Brain Injury Lawyer

Whether you suffered a minor concussion or a more serious head injury in a motorcycle crash, you can seek financial damages to cover your losses. Find out if you have grounds for a case by working with a Sacramento motorcycle accident brain injury lawyer.

Even wearing a helmet, it’s entirely possible to suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a motorcycle wreck. Brain injuries can be debilitating, diminishing the victim’s capacity to handle daily tasks and leading to massive financial hardships and other problems.

If you or a loved one has suffered brain damage in a motorcycle crash, speak with a Sacramento motorcycle accident brain injury lawyer from Crowell Law Offices about your options. We can help you determine both what your claim is worth and how best to pursue financial compensation.


Get a Proper TBI Diagnosis Immediately

Brain injuries are not always diagnosed properly—or even at all—after motorbike wrecks. Sometimes symptoms take weeks or even months to manifest, so you might not realize that the symptoms you are experiencing are related to your crash. After being in a motorcycle accident, you should visit a doctor for a complete examination and diagnoses.

You may have sustained a brain injury if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Vision loss
  • Mood changes
  • Memory loss
  • Reduction in cognitive ability or awareness
  • Nausea
  • Problems with spacial awareness


Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury in California

California state law dictates how long you have to file a personal injury lawsuit after being hurt. This time limit is typically two years. However, if your head injury was not diagnosed right away and two years have already passed, you will instead have one year from the date that you became aware of the TBI to file suit.

This makes it critical to call our office and speak with an attorney as soon as you discover your injury. If the statute of limitations is reached, your case could be thrown out without a verdict being rendered, leaving you with no financial compensation.


Valuing Your Motorcycle Crash Brain Damage Claim

To find out what your motorcycle accident claim is worth, call our office. We will ask questions to determine all of the ways that you have been impacted physically, emotionally, and financially.

You could receive damages for more than just your medical bills, so tell us about any accident- or injury-related expenses you have incurred. When valuing your claim, any of the following could be included:

  • Income loss
  • Therapy and rehabilitation expenses
  • Caregiver costs
  • Medications
  • Damage done to your marriage or personal relationships
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life



Prior to even considering court, we will attempt to negotiate with the other party and their insurance company. After valuing your claim and gathering evidence to prove negligence, we will prepare a demand letter and begin negotiations.

If they are receptive and make a favorable offer, you can accept it and avoid going to trial. If a fair offer is not forthcoming, seeking a court-rendered verdict might become your best option.


Get Help from a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Head Injury Lawyer

You deserve to be compensated for your head injury and any other damages sustained in your motorcycle crash. To increase your chances of reaching a favorable settlement, complete the form below or call 916-303-2800 to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer from Crowell Law Offices.