Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death Lawyer

When a family member dies in a fatal motorcycle wreck, everything you’ve built together gets put at risk. To seek justice through compensation, work with a Sacramento motorcycle accident wrongful death lawyer.

Losing someone you love to a motorcycle crash can be devastating. When combined with the loss of their income, it can have catastrophic financial consequences for your family’s future wellbeing.

To mitigate the financial impact on your family, you have the option to seek monetary compensation from the party responsible for the wreck that took your loved one’s life. A Sacramento motorcycle accident wrongful death lawyer from Crowell Law Offices can help you navigate the complex legal system and obtain justice for your family.


Grounds for a Motorcycle Crash Wrongful Death Case

To file a wrongful death lawsuit, someone else must have been responsible for the motorcycle accident that killed your loved one. More than one party could easily have played a role in what happened, including any of the following individuals or entities:

  • Other motorcyclists or drivers
  • Motorcycle parts manufacturer
  • Government agency responsible for road maintenance


Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in California?

By California state law, only certain parties qualify to file a wrongful death lawsuit, which is based on their relationship to the deceased. This includes the following relations:

  • Spouse or domestic partner
  • Children
  • Lawful heirs
  • Close family members that depended on the deceased for financial support, such as stepchildren, putative spouses, and parents

To determine if you qualify, call our office and schedule a consultation with a Sacramento motorcycle accident wrongful death lawyer.


California Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death Claims

You only have two years in California to file a wrongful death lawsuit, starting from the date of the motorcycle accident. It is critical that you hire an attorney before reaching this point. If you wait too long, you could have your case dismissed and lose your opportunity to seek financial compensation.


Compensation for a Fatal Motorcycle Wreck

There are several factors to consider when valuing a wrongful death claim. While no true value can be placed on a person’s life, there are specific expenses and financial losses associated with someone dying in an accident. For example, there will be medical expenses incurred by treating the fatal injuries and funeral expenses for the burial. These are tangible costs that you can recover through a lawsuit.

Additionally, if the deceased was employed, his or her lost wages could be a significant portion of your claim. To calculate them, we will determine what your family member was making annually and multiply that figure by the number of years left before retirement. We can then add in the value of any lost benefits and expected wage increases. This sum can be significant.

Juries will often award money for pain and suffering, as well. Some may consider punitive damages to punish the negligent party. Our goal is to maximize the value of your claim, so let us know of any expenses or financial losses you have suffered due to the fatal motorcycle accident.


Contact a Sacramento Fatal Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If someone you love was killed in an accident, you deserve to be compensated for your loss. To start the process, complete the form below or call 916-303-2800 to reach Crowell Law Offices.