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Why You Shouldn’t Talk About Your Accident on Social Media

10 Jan

Why You Shouldn’t Talk About Your Accident on Social Media

Social media is a constant part of today’s fast-paced world. It’s one of the primary ways people stay connected in the age of the Internet. Social media has its pros and cons, but when it comes to filing a personal injury claim, your social media posts can be used as a weapon against you.

If you have recently suffered an injury that may result in you later choosing to file a lawsuit, be extra cautious about what you are posting online. Insurance companies want to deny your claim, and they will take any ammunition they can get to use as evidence that you aren’t credible.

Anything You Post Can Be Used Against You

Social media posts are considered hearsay by the court. This means not all of your posts will be admissible as evidence in court. But insurance claim adjusters don’t need your posts to be admissible to deny or reduce your claim.

Even if you weren’t trying to admit anything by posting about your accident, people who deal with lots of technicalities (like claim adjusters and insurance defense lawyers) can twist things to suit their interests.

That can impact your ability to recover following a car accident, and certain types of posts can have a serious effect. Whether you were thinking about posting an update about your accident or about your health following the accident, consider how the insurance company can use this information. 

Posts About Your Accident

Your wording can matter more than you realize. Claim adjusters and insurance defense attorneys are waiting to catch you in a lie or contradiction.

Let’s say you are in a car accident, and your car gets totaled. You make two posts, one of which says something slightly different about the nature of the accident. Someone without your best interest at heart may be able to use this slight difference to question your credibility.

Posts About Physical Activity

Posts about physical activities, such as exercises like jogging and biking, can cause adjusters to question the extent of your reported injuries. Other posts to avoid that may raise questions include things about traveling and outdoor activities, like camping or hiking.

Sometimes, a well-intended comment from a follower can have disastrous consequences. 

If you have suffered injuries to both arms following an accident, and one of your close friends comments on a post about a game of football that you played together recently, an insurance defense attorney or claims adjuster can use this statement to question the true extent of your injuries and may go as far as attempting to contact your friend.

Protect Your Claim with a Personal Injury Attorney in California

If you or someone you love has suffered an accident in California, don’t let social media prevent your claim from succeeding. A reliable attorney will help you navigate the situation without stumbling into any hidden pitfalls, such as accidentally hurting your claim through social media.

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