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Why Hire a Lawyer After Getting Injured?

If you’ve suffered a serious injury in an accident, it can be tempting to try and handle the situation by yourself. You might assume that the insurance company will compensate you fairly. 

Unfortunately, filing a personal injury claim and getting the settlement you’re due is rarely easy. Insurance companies are notoriously hard to deal with and unless you have a lawyer by your side, your claim may be delayed or even denied. 

The personal injury attorneys of the Crowell Law Offices will work hard on your behalf to ensure that insurance companies don’t shortchange you. Here’s what you can expect from hiring a personal injury lawyer and why you may need an attorney on your side. 

Insurance Companies Aren’t On Your Side

Insurance companies are profit-driven businesses. Their job isn’t to help injured people like you. It’s about making money for their shareholders or owner by paying out as small a settlement on claims as they can get away with legally.

They may claim that your injuries aren’t severe enough, or that you weren’t following safety procedures at work so they don’t have liability, or use any other excuse to achieve their objective. That objective is always going to be saving money by offering less than what your claim is actually worth.

With the right representation, you may receive money for all your medical bills, property damage, lost income, and in some cases, pain and suffering, among others.

Proving Fault After You’re Injured

Proving fault can be difficult. After all, there is no way to know exactly what happened in an accident unless you were there. This leaves a lot of room for interpretation and speculation, and that makes it tough to get the funds you need for your injuries. 

The insurance company will send out an adjuster who will investigate the accident scene, talk with witnesses and review police reports to see if they can find any evidence that shows that you were at fault. They may also interview doctors and other medical professionals involved in treating you after the accident.

This sounds like simple detective work, but it can be difficult for non-lawyers to find relevant evidence or cross-examine witnesses effectively because they simply don’t know what questions to ask.

Your lawyer can help you receive fair compensation for your injuries by proving fault early in the claims process, thereby avoiding mistakes that could hurt your case and cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid damages.

Hire a Lawyer to Make a Complete Recovery

After getting injured, you may need to hire a lawyer who will fight for your best interests. We have experience with cases like yours, so we know what kind of compensation should be expected as well as how much time it will take to get there. Even better, hiring a lawyer means you can get the funds you’re due while also giving attention to your injuries. 

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