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Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle collision, it is likely that you have a number of questions about your legal options for financial compensation and holding the at-fault party accountable. On this page, we’ve provided answers to the Sacramento motorcycle accident frequently asked questions that we get asked the most often.


Am I partially at fault if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?

Yes. California has a helmet law that requires all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet for protection. Failing to do so can make you partially responsible for any head, brain, or face injuries suffered in a wreck. This does not mean that you were at-fault for the crash, but it could reduce the compensation you receive for your injuries.


What can I do if a pothole caused my motorcycle wreck?

A government agency could be responsible. Whoever is tasked with road maintenance may have been negligent in their duties, resulting in your motorcycle accident and making it possible for you to file a personal injury lawsuit.


What if my passenger caused my motorcycle crash?

That passenger would be negligent and you can sue them. This can be complicated because you may not wish to file, but in this instance, the passenger would owe you compensation for your injuries and other damages.


How will an amputation affect my settlement?

The greater your injuries, the more compensation you should receive for them. The loss of a limb is traumatic and will lead to significant changes in your lifestyle and expenses. You can receive compensation for all of the ways that your limb loss has impacted your lifestyle.


Can I receive compensation for emotional trauma?

Yes. Emotional trauma is very real and devastating. If you have experienced it, the impact that your emotional trauma has had on your life should be factored into your financial compensation. You can also request money to pay for ongoing therapy.


What are my options if I can’t work after a motorcycle accident?

When your lawsuit is filed, we will seek compensation for your lost wages along with any decreased earning capacity caused by your injuries. If your doctor thinks that you won’t be able to work, you could also qualify for Social Security Disability income.


What do I do if I’m blamed for my motorcycle wreck?

This is highly likely. Insurance companies will often use stereotypes that portray motorcyclists as reckless drivers to try and get out of paying compensation. If they can convince a jury that the crash was primarily your fault, you may not get anything. Our job is to prevent this from happening.


Is it necessary to go to court for a motorcycle accident?

That depends on whether the other party is willing to negotiate and make a fair settlement offer. If so, there will be no reason to go to court. However, if they refuse to negotiate, the best option may be to go to trial and seek a court-rendered verdict.


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