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Sacramento Brain Injury Lawyers

Suffering a catastrophic traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be one of the worst forms of trauma that any accident victim can suffer. These forms of damage can occur in nearly all types of accidents and lead to a wide variety of medical complications affecting physical, emotional, and mental capabilities.

Sacramento Brain Injury Lawyers


With such a long and costly recovery process, those who have suffered a TBI due to another person’s or organization’s wrongful action will often only find success in the recovery process by holding at-fault parties responsible. But proving fault and getting compensation is not a simple task.

The road to a successful recovery starts with a no-cost consultation with the Sacramento brain injury lawyers at the Crowell Law Offices. We are available at (916) 303-2800 and can provide you with insight gained from years of success.


Coping with a Brain Injury

After suffering a brain injury, you will need skillful diagnosis, emergency treatment, and insight into what further treatments are needed. These will help provide the best chance at complete recovery, however, many TBIs result in permanent losses.

There are two types of TBIs: closed head and open head injuries. In closed head injuries, the head is struck against or struck by a blunt object, causing the brain to bang against the insides of the skull and become damaged. In open head injuries, the skull is pierced by an object, resulting in the object or bone fragments to pierce the skull.

In the aftermath of a TBI, victims can suffer several types of complications.

  • Physical – Brain injuries may disrupt a victim’s physical capabilities and cause both immediate and long-term complications. These include loss of consciousness, balancing difficulties, blurred eyes, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, altered senses, and more.
  • Emotional – TBIs can disrupt a person’s emotional capabilities and cause changes in behavior, depending on what part of the brain is injured. Mood alterations, shifts in behavior, irritability, and more can occur in the wake of a TBI. While this may be temporary, serious injuries can cause permanent personality change.
  • Mental – Injuries can lead to cognitive problems for survivors, causing them difficulty with various forms of learning and comprehension. Varying degrees of memory loss are also common in both the short and long term. Some mental complications can be ended through medical care and recovery time, but serious injuries can lead to permanent damage.

Beyond these three complications, TBIs are linked to other complications that can occur later in life. Serious damage can lead to organ failure, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, meningitis, aneurysms, seizures, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and various disorders.

Any of these can seriously impact the wellbeing and future of a survivor and will need skilled help made possible only through receiving fair and full compensation from at-fault parties.


What Can an Attorney Do for You?

Even though fault for brain trauma accidents may seem obvious to victims, success in a claim is not guaranteed. Compensation must be fought for and the tactics of insurance companies must be battled back against. As a TBI victim you may be physically incapable of putting a case together yourself. Even if you are, only an experienced lawyer can help you craft a successful case.

A Sacramento brain injury attorney from the Crowell Law Offices can help you in all aspects of your case. From better understanding your rights to collecting important evidence to proving your need for compensation, it all begins with a free consultation, available by calling our office at (916) 303-2800.