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Sacramento Defective Drug Lawyer

Medication should improve your health—not make it worse. If a drug manufacturer’s negligence has caused you harm, contact a Sacramento defective drug lawyer to find out how much compensation you are owed and what your next step should be.

Each year, defective or ineffective drugs harm the lives of thousands of Americans. Many of these situations lead to class-action lawsuits against the very companies that make the drugs. Going up against drug manufacturers yourself can be extremely difficult, as they often have teams of lawyers ready to defend against claims and make the matter disappear.

However, it is your right to refuse inadequate settlements and get the compensation you deserve. It’s important that you have the right legal support to know when an offer that’s been made is actually fair. A qualified Sacramento defective drug lawyer from Crowell Law Offices will have the knowledge and capability to find the truth and bring it to the court’s attention, helping you recoup costs for damages caused by defective or misrepresented drugs.


What Is a Defective Drug?

The term “defective drug” is a bit of a misnomer. While it does refer to drugs that are defective, it can also refer to medications that are unsafe because of any of the following:

  • Contain the improper ingredients
  • Are inert or contain only fillers
  • Contain the wrong drug ratios
  • Harmful side effects

Other elements of a defective drug might include drugs that have expired or those that are marketed for the wrong off-label conditions. All of these factors can have devastating consequences on the patients who rely on medications for everyday survival.


Examples of Defective Drug Cases

For example, if an insulin maker puts too little insulin in pre-made syringes, a diabetic could potentially be harmed by high, uncontrolled sugar levels after assuming that the dose was correct. Similarly, if a batch of heart medication somehow makes it through quality control with too little of the active ingredients, a patient may experience a heart attack or stroke that could potentially be fatal.

Pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and pharmacies alike all have a role in situations like these. In any event, if you have been taking a defective drug, you could be entitled to compensation. Defective drug cases can include many different situations and elements. You may not even be sure if you have a case yet.

Furthermore, you may not hear about the details surrounding dangerous drugs until it is too late. If your health has deteriorated or you have suffered serious injuries because of medication, it could very well be defective. Don’t wait for your situation to show up on the news. It’s important to consult an experienced Sacramento defective drug lawyer from our firm to find out if the medication you are taking is harmful and if it is, whether you are entitled to compensation for the negative effects.


Determining Fault in Defective Drug Cases

Because so many factors go into defective drug cases, it isn’t always easy to determine who or what was at fault. First, the drug in question may need to be investigated in a lab to determine its efficacy and whether it contains the marketed ingredients. If the manufacturer made the drug incorrectly, the manufacturing plant may be held responsible. If the drug company marketed the drug falsely, then it may be the pharmaceutical company itself that is held at fault.

Even the pharmacy can be held responsible for dispensing expired drugs or incorrect dosages to patients. However, it takes a qualified legal team to examine every detail of your case and whether another person or entity was responsible for your illness or injury. Because defective drug cases can become extremely complicated, it’s crucial that you have a qualified Sacramento defective drug lawyer on your side to help navigate the legal process.


An Experienced Sacramento Defective Drug Lawyer

Opposing attorneys who represent companies responsible for defective drugs might offer an insufficient settlement simply to settle the case. It is important that you allow an experienced lawyer to evaluate the offer before you agree to anything. Whether you are facing a battle against a pharmaceutical company or a medical facility, you will need a personal injury attorney with experience to make sure you retain your rights.

Defective drug cases can be complicated and difficult to manage on your own. You will likely encounter many professionals who represent the interests of the other side. Because of this, you will need a capable Sacramento defective drug lawyer to investigate and negotiate on your behalf. If you believe that you or a family member has been taking a defective drug, we can help. Complete the form at the bottom of this page or call Crowell Law Offices at 916-303-2800 immediately.