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Sacramento Train Accident Lawyer

Being hurt in a train accident is bound to leave you with medical bills and property damage at least as significant as your injuries themselves. A capable Sacramento train accident lawyer can see to it that you receive a settlement that covers your accident-related needs now and in the future.

Train accidents are usually devastating, and often result in serious injuries and loss of life. The sheer size of trains and the velocity most travel at make impacts involving them much more severe than other vehicle accidents that involve cars or motorcycles. Furthermore, train and light-rail accidents can cause severe damage to properties alongside the tracks, and may even take out houses or buildings if the train cars leave the tracks.

Many train accidents occur because of negligence, meaning that you may be entitled to compensation if you are harmed while riding a public train or struck by the same. California has laws in place to ensure that those responsible for train accidents can be held accountable, and the courts recognize and support claims for compensation ranging into the millions of dollars.

An experienced Sacramento train accident lawyer from Crowell Law Offices can manage this type of case on your behalf, helping you by lightening the burden of property repair, loss of life, and medical bills while you focus on the important task of recovery.


Who Caused Your Train Accident?

Determining fault after a train accident isn’t straightforward simply because of the number of people or entities who might be responsible for safety. Even though the sheer size of a train may cause extreme devastation, it isn’t always the train company or the driver who is negligent. Because most trains are industrial or commercial in nature, lawyers and authorities who investigate and determine fault must look at many factors, including the following:

  • The train company
  • The train manufacturer
  • Train mechanics
  • Owner of tracks
  • Maintenance company responsible for train and track upkeep


Investigating a Light Rail Accident

All of the above factors can change the ultimate outcome of your case, and may even change who you need to sue if you have been harmed. For example, if the accident occurs because of a broken or faulty section of track, the maintenance company may be at fault.

Furthermore, if the driver was drinking or taking medication, either the driver or the train company may be to blame. If the train itself wasn’t properly maintained, the company or the mechanic could be held at fault. It is for this reason that it’s crucial to have a qualified Sacramento train accident lawyer who can help make sure the right person is held accountable.


Dealing with the Insurance Company

Whoever was responsible for your train crash, you can expect an insurance company to be the source of your financial settlement in the end. It’s unfortunate, but as a for-profit company, the insurer’s principal goal will be getting you to settle for as little as possible. They really aren’t concerned with ensuring that all of your damages and injuries are covered.

By working with a Sacramento train accident lawyer from our firm, you’ll know that the amount you receive will adequately cover all of your crash-related expenses and losses—both current and future.


Work with a Sacramento Train Accident Lawyer

An experienced Sacramento train accident lawyer can examine the details of your accident, help determine who was responsible, and assess how much your claim is worth. If you have been hurt in a light-rail accident, complete the form below or call Crowell Law Offices at 916-303-2800 for a free, no-obligation consultation.