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Sacramento Serious Injury Lawyer

A serious injury requires a serious attorney. The decision you make regarding your attorney may be one of the most important you will ever make. A serious injury requires a different type of representation, and the first quality you need in your attorney is someone who actually cares about you and your injury.

It may seem cliché to suggest that your attorney should care about you, but everyone has heard horror stories, and when you have suffered an injury like an amputation, brain injury, spine injury, crushed limb, broken bone, or torn ligament, you simply cannot afford to take chances. To speak to a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney call the Crowell Law Offices at 916-449-9639 for a free case evaluation.


Sacramento Catastrophic Injury Lawyers


Consequences of a Serious Injury

A serious injury is not an everyday injury. A serious injury completely alters the course of your life. It not only causes great pain and suffering but often results in disability or other permanent conditions that may require at-home care or lifelong rehabilitative support.

After a severe spinal cord injury or brain injury, you may lose certain functions permanently or need to relearn routine tasks like walking, writing, and even speaking. Other injuries, like multiple bone fractures, crushed limbs, or even torn ligaments, can result in disabilities that affect your mobility.

The physical and emotional toll after a catastrophic injury accident is overwhelming and made worse by the financial burdens of ongoing medical care and rehabilitative services. In most cases, a catastrophically injured victim is unable to work and may never work again, which imposes additional financial stress on an already devastating situation. How are you supposed to support yourself and your family during recovery if you can’t earn income?

If your injury accident was caused by the negligence of another, you have the right to hold that person accountable for economic and non-economic damages. An attorney experienced in handling catastrophic injury claims can help you get the money you need to protect your future. Even if you decide not to take legal action, it is important to be aware of your legal rights and the options available to you.


The Next Step

When choosing an attorney to handle your case, ask questions like the following:

  1. Does the personal injury lawyer handle serious cases and get results? (Our firm has handled several cases resulting in awards upward of $1 million).
  2. Does the attorney have a good reputation among other attorneys and clients? (Make sure to Google your attorney and the firms and see what others are saying about them on independent review websites.)
  3. Is the attorney local, and will you know who you will have representing you? (Our offices are in Sacramento, Roseville, and Woodland, and we give personal attention to our clients. Our firm owner has 19 years of experience with serious injury cases and can handle your matter personally.)

If you have answered these questions for yourself and wish to speak with an attorney at Crowell Law Offices, please call 916-303-2800. You’ll reach a live person who can direct you to the proper person (even after hours), and we will give you advice on how to proceed with your case.

If you’d like more information, please click one of the links below. You can also fill out the contact form on the right, and we’ll contact you directly at your convenience.